Epiphone Casino Sunburst Electric Guitar and the Beatles

The Epiphone Casino is an immortal exemplary empty body Sunburst electric guitar that gives a difference to the index of strong body sunburst guitars, similar to the Les Paul Standard, or the Fender Straocaster.

Coincidently, Epiphone is presently an auxiliary of Gibson enterprise, its once greatest opponent and contender.

The Casino was the principal model that Gibson fabricated after they obtained the Epiphone organization and brand name.

Outwardly the rare Casino Sunburst is a บาคาร่า   honey stroke golden Sunburst tone with a nitro-cellulose polish serious shine finish. The Casino is likewise accessible in customary antique ‘Tobacco’ Sunburst too.

The Casino Sunburst electric guitar has a wonderful full warm sound that main an exemplary semi-acoustic electric guitar of this class quality could have. With its conventional tasteful twofold ‘F’ sound openings or ‘F-openings’, the tone the guitar conveys is top notch yet sounds quintessentially Beatlesque.

The Epiphone Casino will be perpetually connected with John, Paul and George of The Beatles as the band were among the first advertisers and promoters of the model, thinking back to the 1960s.

Remarkably Paul McCartney utilized his Casino Sunburst on his guitar solo in the tune ‘Taxman’. As a matter of fact John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison all utilized the Epiphone Casinos all through the whole recording of the creative hallucinogenic 1966 collection Revolver.

The Epiphone Casino loaned itself so well to the production of the hallucinogenic sound that The Beatles were culminating, so the guitars were utilized again when the band recorded their historic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band collection in the studio a year after the fact in 1967.

All through John Lennon’s performance profession, he kept on utilizing his Epiphone Casino. The guitar is presently claimed by his better half Yoko Ono Lennon. Presently the guitar is authoritatively essential for the Lennon Estate and is recorded on the Estates stock as been designated “The Revolution Guitar”.

Paul McCartney actually keeps in the studio and plays live working together with his unique Casino Sunburst, deciding to play out his tune “Yesterday” in current shows with it in 2009.

The Epiphone Casino Sunburst electric guitar is an incredible illustration of a delightful sounding and gorgeous exemplary Sunburst guitar.

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