Breaking Ground with Unique Fundraising Ideas

Educational fundraising has had a difficult time with retention, but the total number of donors has maintained a steady level.

The sector of education covers the entire spectrum of schools, education foundations and universities. So here are a few suggestions that work in any of these areas:

Opportunities for sponsorship

Sponsorships could be a means to attract organizations and also individuals. One way to provide opportunities to offer different capacities to donate is to create the tiers of sponsorship. As an example, you could have silver, gold and bronze different levels. It is possible to name every patron on each level, or maybe those who are on higher levels receive an additional benefit (such as the ability to permanently place their name on the item).

Some suggestions include:

  • Get the use of a play area tile.
  • Sponsor a bench.
  • Include your company’s name on the banner of the sponsor.
  • You can sponsor or Unique Fundraising Ideas in an occasion (where your name appears in the promotion events)
  • Make a brick your sponsor.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Peer-to peer Unique Fundraising Ideas is when you solicit supporters to raise funds for you via their networks. One of the most popular examples is the numerous types of “a-thon” that are available which ask for sponsors in exchange for their participation in the task.

The fundamental components of P2P fundraising are:

Define a campaign (e.g. walkathon etc). What kind of fundraising event is it and what’s the objective?

Create fundraising pages for each individual (or collect pledges on paper). The paper forms is the most traditional method to collect pledges however, online, individual fundraising pages make it simpler for your guests to promote the cause and collect donations from further from home.

Aid your fundraisers in becoming successful. Participants require clear materials for fundraising that detail what they’re doing to get donors.

Acknowledge your fundraisers. Thanks them for their work! Sometimes, schools offer rewards or prizes.

A product-based fundraiser

Product-based Unique Fundraising Ideas works as it sounds: where companies sell their products to raise money. One benefit of doing this is that, if you are selling a good product it is simple to sell, and thus increase funds.

Take Girl Scout cookies as an example of this – people search for them around a certain period of the year. One disadvantage is that they typically don’t offer a lot of margins, so you may not earn a lot per unit.

There are online companies that make “to purchase” items. This means you create the product, and they produce it once it’s requested by customers. The benefit of selling items in this manner is that it doesn’t require huge initial costs to order. This is a prime example of business.

A few ideas for products are:

  • Cookie dough.
  • Gear for supporters, like caps, t-shirts, and beanies.
  • Chocolates.
  • Scratch cards.
  • Calendars.
  • Gift wrap.
  • Coffee beans.
  • Fruits that are seasonal in your region. (Some school are located in Queensland, Australia sell mangoes).

Discount card fundraiser

Discount cards (or coupons books) are frequently well-liked by local patrons, particularly if they offer discounts at local businesses that they already recognize and enjoy.

This is a case of a business that creates discount cards that are customized for fundraising events of an organization. They are wallet-sized and may offer discounts for up to twenty businesses within your local area. Their company has direct relationships with the merchants in your region to arrange discounts.

A different option is to adopt the DIY method. Businesses can be approached to ask whether they’ll give you discounts. You then request cards printed along with the details of discounts that are available.

Host an auction

Raffles are usually popular with people from all walks of life, particularly when you’ve got some attractive prizes. The trick is to price tickets in a way that you can have a large number of them sold, however, you should also make up the worth in the reward.

You can collect items to auction off or search for attractive items that won’t cost you anything. For instance, a reserved parking space, priority picking up lines, seats in VIP at an event, or the main attraction to the entire day…

Wishlists of in-kind donations

In-kind donations can be described as donations of services or products that your company requires. This type of fundraising can be beneficial since it eliminates the need to come up with the money to purchase these items out of your operating budget.

Websites such as Amazon provide the capability to make a wishlist of things your company requires. This is great for office equipment and stationery, art materials and much other things. You can type in the number of an item you’re looking for and they will be taken off the wishlist when someone purchases the item.

You could also ask for donations of second-hand objects when you are in need of these items, such as tools or furniture. You can make this happen by posting an wish list, either through your online social media platforms or through email. Be specific about what you want and do not need in order to avoid needing to dispose of unnecessary things.

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